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Lazy Delphi Builder released (bugs fixed)

September 12th, 2015 1 comment

12.09.2015. Lazy Delphi Builder
* Support: add -$L+ parameter to dcc32 when build Debug dcus
* Fixed: breaking bug Console version does not substitute Env variables provided from Command line
* Fixed: ReloadAll button multiply Required packages (does not clear Required list)
* Fixed: error parsing Dcc32 options (the very last symbol could be lost)
* Support: display more details about error when loading Custom Delphi installation on start (use the same validator that is used in editor)
* Support: delphi xe9 renamed to Delphi RS 10

Don’t forget to follow Lazy Delphi Builder page on Google+.

I built this version on a fresh Delphi XE installation with few updated libraries, so let me know (e-mail) if you’ll run into any bug.

Downloads available here.