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Lazy Delphi Builder 28-apr-2013

April 28th, 2013

What’s new (in a nutshell):

  • Delphi XE4 support. And just in case if it will be released in a next few months – I have added Delphi XE5 support
  • Presets. Create presets for output directories, build options, environment variables, and other..
  • LazyDBP and ini files format was changed. From now, lists will be saved as plain lists, without numbers as id. And, btw, all the settings from now are stored in the Data subdirectory. New profile format (v2) is not backward compatible with previous (v1), but you can still save file in previous format using Save as dialog.
  • Multiple expressions support in tree’s filter (via semicolon “;”)
  • Call any custom bat or exe file instead of dcc32.exe. (see item # 9 in changelog)
  • Added Delphi version autodetection algorythm from the filename (see. Check Wizard)
  • New editor for compiler defines.
  • Many improvements and fixes (see the full list in changelog).

You can download project: http://www.lazyproject.info/downloads/ or here

Changelog in details: Lazy Delphi Builder

Release date: 28.04.2013.

0. Added support of Delphi XE4 и XE5 (not tested, please let me know if it works).
1. .ini and .LazyDbp file format changed: Don’t store row numbers.
2. Console help: view examples.
3. Fixed error if BaseDir was set to relative path (as parameter /OutputDirBase). F.e. it was impossible to pass there TmpFolder1 – fixed now.
4. Do not allow change Delphi version while compiling.
5. Fixed Assertion Failed on selected Delphi version change.
6. Fixed AV when Lazy Delphi Builder was run without Delphi installed.
7. If Delphi is not installed, lock controls that need it.
8. ProgressBar: use pstMarquee mode instead of pstProgress while scanning for files.
9. Allow to specify custom command line compiler. Or run custom .bat instead of dcc32. To do so, open LazyDBP file in notepad and add new key CustomCompiler=FullPathToMyCustomCompilerExeOrBatchFile to the section [[Build Settings]].
10. Build dialog: add button with dropdown menu to the Base Folder edit control with following items:
    1. New folder in the %temp% folder
    2. Current folder
    3. Open Base-folder in Explorer
11. Fixed: dragged and dropped file/folder during the operation stopped current operation.
12. Fixed: Empty Recycle bin didn’t worked sometimes (if files were just deleted)
13. Fixed: Check All required in the files tree did not work in case if there were several packages with the same name, but deleted to Recycle Bin. From now, deleted files are ignored and LibSuffix is used.
14. Feature: Increased size for defines edit in the Build.. dialog
15. CheckListBox editor for DEFINES  in the Build.. dialog
16. Build dialog: defines editor reworked – all the defines list is stored, but you can simply check and uncheck needed defines.
17. Fixed bug: Ctrl+A in the files tree selects even invisible (filtered) files
18. Tree: added button to clear Filter
19. Tree: Filter – allow multiple expressions using ";" (thanks Nashev for idea)
20. Build process: show "compiling N of total M packages" (thanks Nashev for idea)
21. Save form’s sizes for
    1. Environment options
    2. Build dialog
    3. Main Form
22. Presets (allow save/load set of settings) support (killer feature!):
    1. for Environment variables
    2. Lazy include Paths
    3. for Scan Folders
    4. for Exclude extensions
    5. in the "Build.." dialog:
        1. for Build Options
        2. for Directories
23. About window does not have email for feedback.
24. About window: links now can be copied to the clipboard (via right click on link -> Copy)
25. fixed: Hint stays visible on the top of all windows even if Lazy Delphi Builder is in the background
26. internal: JCL and JVCL were updated
27. Feature: Installed Packages tab: system (Delphi) packages can be hidden
28. Alpha feature: Check Wizard (Ctrl+W) in the tree on the tab "2 Select Files to compile"
29. Tree: new menu item Check Packages for Current IDE
30. fixed: Instlled packages tab: packages list was not refreshed on Delphi version change.
31. All settings now, are stored in the "Data" subfolder

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