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Lazy Delphi Builder 13-sep-2012.

September 14th, 2012

If you use Lazy Delphi Builder, please, let me know (contact me ). I’d like to know it. I really do.

Report bugs via Redmine issue tracker: http://www.hostedredmine.com/projects/lazy or via e-mail or in Google Groups.

Get new version in downloads section or here.

What’s new:

  • GUI: Fixed "endless" List index out of bounds(-1) on 4th tab.
  • LazyDBP files will be saved in UTF8
  • Added GUI command to send me email with current Profile data, Log and Config
  • Console: /quiet mode
  • Delphi XE3 support (still untested)
  • Many minor fixes and improvements for both GUI and console versions


Only Win32 compiler is supported for Delphi XE2 and XE3. I didn’t figured out yet the best way of integration for dccOSX abd dcc64. Actually I’m not sure that it is needed. After all, you can always use MsBuild. If you wan’t to use Lazy Builder for MacOs or Win64, please let me know about your “use case”. As for packages installation it’s enough to support Win32 compiler.

Changelist for version

  1. GUI: Fixed "endless" List index out of bounds(-1) on 4th tab. (thanks to Vladimir Misjuk, Nashev)
  2. Console: Don’t print "Compiling Packages" if no packages were selected. Same for "Compiling Projects"
  3. Console: Print build mode (normal, continue, test) on compile
  4. GUI: Rename "Export to .bpg" to "Export to .bpg (makefile)".
  5. GUI: Help: added menu item: Email bug report to author, which opens eMail Client and adds as attachements:
    • Active LazyDBP profile (list of selected files and packages)
    • Build/Installation log
    • Settings file

Changelist for version (12-sep-2012)

  1. Fix: LazyDBP file was saved in Ansi encoding. Changed to UTF8.
  2. New: Console version now has parameter /quiet, which enabled only errors output.
  3. Fix: Previous version has no "Show stack trace dialog on build". Fixed.
  4. Minor: Fix: Saved profile was not added to Recent menu.
  5. New: Build dialog: allow to start build immediately (without displaying all Wizard pages), via DropDownMenu.
  6. Minor: In tree view: In list mode, trim beginning of path, but not the file name.
  7. Fix: Summary message ("Your Bpl out folder is set as default BPL path in IDE and it will be deleted before compile!") was shown even when "Clean output folders before compile" checkbox was not checked. (Thanks to Perry Kappetein for report).
  8. New: Build dialog: show selected build mode (test, continue, normal)
  9. Minor: New: Build dialog: show hints on first page in separate control
  10. Minor: New: Build dialog: show Packages count, Projects count in summary
  11. Minor: New: Build dialog: show "Packages count, Projects count" on first page.
  12. New: Installed packages: add Popup Menu items:
    1. Copy file name
    2. Display Shell Menu
  13. Minor: Fix: Stop button was too colorful in disabled state (thanks Nashev for report)
  14. Minor: Fix: Sorting Found files freezes interface.
  15. New: In treeview added filter to show only packages that were compiled with error.
  16. Minor: Fix: after file scan button Stop was enabled and could be clicked.
  17. Minor: In treeview: Show additional info for packages in Info:
    1. Description
    2. LibSuffix
    3. Defines
    4. Caption: Requires
  18. Minor: On problematic package select and show Info-memo, do change cursor to crHourGlass and load erroneous command to Memo in separate thread to avoid interface freezing and prevent messages like "program is not responding". (actual for builds with huge amount of directories).
  19. Minor: Faster display of the packages list in their compile order on Build in /debug mode
  20. Fix: In tree view Check All required did not worked correcly, if there were packages with the same name in different folders.
    1. Added LibSuffix check
    2. [ ] There are still left situations when the bug could be reproduced. F.e. if there are packages with the same name without LibSuffix, or with the same LibSuffix. F.e. for Delphi and C++ Builder in LMD full set.
  21. New: Install log: Add menu item Copy Full Log
  22. New: Install log: Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down search now finds tokens:
    1. Compiling
    2. Fatal:
    3. Error:
    4. Successfully compiled
    5. Problematic Packages
  23. Fix: Console version: parameter /tb had wrong hint
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