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Lazy Delphi Builder with Delphi XE2 support is available

September 11th, 2011
  1. Added main menu.
  2. Added build mode: “Continue build”. If build process stopped with error, you can resolve problem and continue to compile only packages that were not built.
  3. Added search (Ctrl+F) for packages tree and installation log.
  4. Added: “Recently opened files” support.
  5. Added: in /debug mode, print packages list in the same order they will be compiled.
  6. Fixed: Access Violation on start on the computer where Delphi XE2/Pulsar installed.
  7. New: If build process stopped with error, ProgressBar color will be changed to red.
  8. Fixed: in packages tree selected record is lost on refresh.
  9. Display time in Installation Log
  10. New: in packages tree option Check all required packages.
  11. Build settings Dialog:
    • Show Warning if checkbox Clear out dirs is checked, but output dir for BPL files is default for IDE.
    • Added Hints
    • Event handlers for buttons near Edits
    • In Directories Tab, button Save to profile was added to save settings to current profile. (in case of need to change settings without running build).
  12. Fixed: Enviroinment and custom variables were processed with errors when used in relative paths.
  13. Fixed: no need to click in Log to enable scrolling.
  14. Added: Remove files from Recycle Bin in packages tree.
  15. Changed: settings .ini filename does not depends on the name of exe file. Always used: LazyDelphiBuilderGUI.ini.

Note: to compile FireMonkey project with Pulsar Beta, there should be defined dcc param –default-namespace:system in Build Settings dialog.

Download in downloads section or here.

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