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Lazy Delphi Builder (stable)

April 4th, 2011

Рекламный постер Lazy Delphi Builder

Lazy Delphi Builder arrived.


  1. Added Delphi XE support.
  2. Fixed bug that allowed randomly to get compilation error without any details in error log.
  3. More debug messages in /debug mode.
  4. Check that dcc32.exe is functional (not trial) before compile. In earlier versions, Lazy Delphi Builder did nothing, displaying text: Compiled success.
  5. Build settings dialog completely reworked. Now with wizard. Before running build process it displays short summary with full description of jobs to be done (which folders will be used, what will be compiled, what not).
  6. Fixed: “Ignore IDE Paths” value was not saved.
  7. Files tree: Scan new folder action now changes $(variable) to actual folder.
  8. Debug output text is displayed in different color (gray in GUI, cyan in console).
  9. Additional log in main window is now hidden.
  10. Changed icon and logo.
  11. Added option to ignore settings from .dproj, .bdsproj, .dof files. (.cfg were ignored in all versions).
  • Known issue: Lazy Delphi Builder incorrectly parses .dproj files. Settings for every configuration but the Base are ignored.

Development plan

  • work on manual
  • allow rapid build to temporary folder (to check, that compilation will be successful)
  • maybe rework algorythm to compile first in temporary folder, and only then copy to destionation Output folders.
  • increase amount of checks executed before build
  • maybe allow to generate .bat that will compile everything
  • command line parameters check
  • test that console version returns error codes

Need help

  • In testing.
  • Writing documentation.
  • Need information on how to add support of CBuilder. Output and input files descriptions. How do components installed to CBuilder. What’s the difference from Delphi.
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