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Lazy Delphi Builder released

March 26th, 2016

26.03.2016. Lazy Delphi Builder
* critical: /CompilerOptions command line switch was broken in previous builds (passed value to dcc32 using semicolon as separator instead of space)
* fixed: warning about Files not found was not shown when user loaded profile
* fixed: .. was stripped from relative paths
* fixed: Summary message about Bpl files: %s – was not expanded
* fixed: Build dialog: Show params for custom Dcc32 if provided instead of default
* feature: avoid UI blocking. replace FTHread.WaitFor with MsgWaitForMultipleObjects
* feature: added /noop switch that bypasses all actual operations with files
* feature: Preferences dialog with Checkbox "Use recycle bin for deleted files" (MainMenu -> File -> Preferences..)
* feature: Presets for Installed packages
* feature: ui: support drag and drop for .LazyDBP file (only 1 single .LazyDbp file can be dropped)
* feature: add selected source files to IDE Browsing path (paths are replaced with env vars) via MainMenu -> Edit -> Add to IDE Library Browsing Path
* feature: add selected source files to IDE Library Search path (paths are replaced with env vars) via MainMenu -> Edit -> Add to IDE Library Search Path
* feature: relative paths support: added internal variable $(BUILTIN_PROFILE_DIR) which always points to current LazyDBP file location
* feature: added cmdParam /buildReleaseDcu
* feature: Console: added cmdparam  /ResFileMasks to allow override resource file masks from LazyDelphiBuilderGUI.ini file
* feature: for release build add DEFINE RELEASE, for Debug build add define DEBUG
* support: ui: show non-existing Lazy/IDE paths in gray Text (Library paths dialog)
* support: ui: hotkeys for Preset Load/Save on Build dialog
* support: ui: main menu -> Tools -> Portable installations.. new command
* support: ui: Scan files – Search folders ui updated
* support: add dragged and dropped folders to the list of Folders to scan
* support: ignore empty presets on load
* support: hotkeys Ctrl+O & Ctrl+S in presets combobox will load/save preset, not the profile!
* support: added short alias /urb for /UseRecycleBin
* support: Set default monitor to dmMainForm
* support: Print Loading Profile "real file path" instead of Loading profile "" on startup

28.09.2015. Lazy Delphi Builder
* fixed: blocker – console version ignored environment variables provided via /ev cmdparam

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