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Lazy Delphi Builder released

September 23rd, 2015

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23.09.2015. Lazy Delphi Builder

* feature: Relative directories support (simply remove all parts with c:\Directory1\Directory2)
* feature: in-place rename in tree (no Undo support)
* feature: build log: added hotkeys Alt+Up and Alt+Down for errors navigation
* feature: MainMenu -> Help -> added command “Enable debug mode” with hotkey Ctrl+Alt+D
* feature: UI: main menu -> Build: added menu items “Continue build”, “Test build”, “Undo build”
* feature: UI: hotkeys: Removed Alt+C for Compile… (use F9). Added F8 for Continue. F11 for Test build (instant)
* feature: when Dragging file to Lazy Delphi Builder, automatically activate tab with Tree
* feature: UI: Tree popup menu item “Replace…”. added hotkeys Ctrl+R, Ctrl+H
* fixed: “Build Release Dcu” option was not loaded from LazyDBP file. (thanks to Labutin Pavel for report)
* fixed: critical bug “Lazy Delphi Builder search paths” were not loaded from LazyDBP profile
* fixed: /baseOutDir cmdparam was ignored (actually, it was used only when .lazyDBP file contained empty BaseOutDir key)
* fixed: rsvars variables sometime cannot be read. replace rsvars.bat run with rsvars.bat parsing
* fixed: ensure that User-specified compiler switches (-$Letter+-) will override any values provided by Lazy Builder (f.e. for Debug mode -$D+ and $L+) are used. Before – these switches were duplicated.
* fixed: unknown /verbose parameter in console version
* fixed: Console: can corrupt active Cmd window (when run in /tb mode with invalid profile) and leave temporary created directory undeleted
* fixed: cmdparam /q was not supported
* fixed: ReplaceDialog did not closed with Escape if focus in JvComboEdit
* fixed: UI: when user cancels build that contain any errors, progress bar is painted in RED, but must be YELLOW.
* fixed: Installation selection combo is painted incorrectly after Installations filter is changed
* fixed: clear filter on Clear profile/Load profile
* support: added /v cmdparam alias for /verbose
* support: gui: Edit environment variables & search paths from main menu. (mainmenu -> Tools -> …)
* support: ignore Delphi edition when looking for Installation defined in LazyDBP profile. (4 words are ignored: Enterprise, Architect, Professional, Portable), which means that Delphi XE Architect will match “Delphi XE Professional” key
* support: breaking change: changed 64bit win installation name. From: Rad studio xeX Edition 64 To Rad studio xeX Edition win64
* support: removed BallonHint because of multiple problems with it in XE (slow drawing, no hint is shown in VirtualTreeView header etc)
* support: after adding new directory to treeview (drag-n-drop included) set focus to treeview
* support: UI: rename Scan button to Search(clear), updated hint for that button, added groupbox to keep together file masks sections
* support: UI: main form -> removed 2nd log control (hidden mini log at the bottom of main form)
* support: UI: change cursor to Hourglass on Check/Uncheck files in tree as it may take some time when there are lot files
* support: guess files for Delphi 10 Seattle
* support: Delphi version guess for files: support D3, D4, Kylix
* support: ui Build dialog: updated Caption & Hint for Ignore .dof, .dproj settings checkbox
* support: ui: packages tree: don’t automatically show info panel when focus is on erroneous packages/project in tree
* support: UI: help on parameters – add note about different parameters supported in GUI & Console versions
* support: in /verbose mode, if some files/packages were not found, these file will be printed (only first 4 files with …)
* support: /OutDirBase renamed to /BaseOutDir to match value specified in LazyDBP file. Older version (/OutDirBase) is still supported
* support: remove /baseOutDir cmdparam from GUI version, as there’s no use for it in GUI and it only causes problems
* support: UI: Tree popup menu: removed item Toggle check/uncheck selected
* support: UI: Tree popup menu: renamed menu item from “Substitute path (replace)..” to “Replace…”
* support: UI: MainMenu->Edit: added “Replace…” for Tree (2nd) tab
* support: UI: on the startup after loading profile, set focus to Tree

I built this version on a fresh Delphi XE installation with few updated libraries, so let me know (e-mail) if you’ll run into any bug.

Downloads available here.

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