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Lazy Delphi Builder released

September 23rd, 2015 Comments off

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23.09.2015. Lazy Delphi Builder

* feature: Relative directories support (simply remove all parts with c:\Directory1\Directory2)
* feature: in-place rename in tree (no Undo support)
* feature: build log: added hotkeys Alt+Up and Alt+Down for errors navigation
* feature: MainMenu -> Help -> added command “Enable debug mode” with hotkey Ctrl+Alt+D
* feature: UI: main menu -> Build: added menu items “Continue build”, “Test build”, “Undo build”
* feature: UI: hotkeys: Removed Alt+C for Compile… (use F9). Added F8 for Continue. F11 for Test build (instant)
* feature: when Dragging file to Lazy Delphi Builder, automatically activate tab with Tree
* feature: UI: Tree popup menu item “Replace…”. added hotkeys Ctrl+R, Ctrl+H
* fixed: “Build Release Dcu” option was not loaded from LazyDBP file. (thanks to Labutin Pavel for report)
* fixed: critical bug “Lazy Delphi Builder search paths” were not loaded from LazyDBP profile
* fixed: /baseOutDir cmdparam was ignored (actually, it was used only when .lazyDBP file contained empty BaseOutDir key)
* fixed: rsvars variables sometime cannot be read. replace rsvars.bat run with rsvars.bat parsing
* fixed: ensure that User-specified compiler switches (-$Letter+-) will override any values provided by Lazy Builder (f.e. for Debug mode -$D+ and $L+) are used. Before – these switches were duplicated.
* fixed: unknown /verbose parameter in console version
* fixed: Console: can corrupt active Cmd window (when run in /tb mode with invalid profile) and leave temporary created directory undeleted
* fixed: cmdparam /q was not supported
* fixed: ReplaceDialog did not closed with Escape if focus in JvComboEdit
* fixed: UI: when user cancels build that contain any errors, progress bar is painted in RED, but must be YELLOW.
* fixed: Installation selection combo is painted incorrectly after Installations filter is changed
* fixed: clear filter on Clear profile/Load profile
* support: added /v cmdparam alias for /verbose
* support: gui: Edit environment variables & search paths from main menu. (mainmenu -> Tools -> …)
* support: ignore Delphi edition when looking for Installation defined in LazyDBP profile. (4 words are ignored: Enterprise, Architect, Professional, Portable), which means that Delphi XE Architect will match “Delphi XE Professional” key
* support: breaking change: changed 64bit win installation name. From: Rad studio xeX Edition 64 To Rad studio xeX Edition win64
* support: removed BallonHint because of multiple problems with it in XE (slow drawing, no hint is shown in VirtualTreeView header etc)
* support: after adding new directory to treeview (drag-n-drop included) set focus to treeview
* support: UI: rename Scan button to Search(clear), updated hint for that button, added groupbox to keep together file masks sections
* support: UI: main form -> removed 2nd log control (hidden mini log at the bottom of main form)
* support: UI: change cursor to Hourglass on Check/Uncheck files in tree as it may take some time when there are lot files
* support: guess files for Delphi 10 Seattle
* support: Delphi version guess for files: support D3, D4, Kylix
* support: ui Build dialog: updated Caption & Hint for Ignore .dof, .dproj settings checkbox
* support: ui: packages tree: don’t automatically show info panel when focus is on erroneous packages/project in tree
* support: UI: help on parameters – add note about different parameters supported in GUI & Console versions
* support: in /verbose mode, if some files/packages were not found, these file will be printed (only first 4 files with …)
* support: /OutDirBase renamed to /BaseOutDir to match value specified in LazyDBP file. Older version (/OutDirBase) is still supported
* support: remove /baseOutDir cmdparam from GUI version, as there’s no use for it in GUI and it only causes problems
* support: UI: Tree popup menu: removed item Toggle check/uncheck selected
* support: UI: Tree popup menu: renamed menu item from “Substitute path (replace)..” to “Replace…”
* support: UI: MainMenu->Edit: added “Replace…” for Tree (2nd) tab
* support: UI: on the startup after loading profile, set focus to Tree

I built this version on a fresh Delphi XE installation with few updated libraries, so let me know (e-mail) if you’ll run into any bug.

Downloads available here.

Lazy Delphi Builder released (bugs fixed)

September 12th, 2015 1 comment

12.09.2015. Lazy Delphi Builder
* Support: add -$L+ parameter to dcc32 when build Debug dcus
* Fixed: breaking bug Console version does not substitute Env variables provided from Command line
* Fixed: ReloadAll button multiply Required packages (does not clear Required list)
* Fixed: error parsing Dcc32 options (the very last symbol could be lost)
* Support: display more details about error when loading Custom Delphi installation on start (use the same validator that is used in editor)
* Support: delphi xe9 renamed to Delphi RS 10

Don’t forget to follow Lazy Delphi Builder page on Google+.

I built this version on a fresh Delphi XE installation with few updated libraries, so let me know (e-mail) if you’ll run into any bug.

Downloads available here.

Lazy Delphi Builder released

March 31st, 2015 Comments off

Update from from 2014-03-15 is strongly recommended.

Major changes

  • Fixed critical bug that lead bloated LazyDBP profile and drastically slowed down Lazy Delphi Builder performance
  • Added support for “portable” installations (only working dccXX.exe and Lib folder are required)
  • Delphi XE8 & XE9 support (not tested, may not work when Xe8 & Xe9 will actually be released)
  • Better navigation in build log
  • Over 40 small bugfixes and improvements


Portable IDE installations editor:

How to configure portable Delphi installation in Lazy Delphi Builder

Build log navigation toolbar:

Build log navigation toolbar

Find next action:

Find next action

Selection wizard (can be opened from files tree with Ctrl+W hotkey). In theory it should help to ease unused files removal, or checking only required. In practice… feedback is highly appreciated.

Packages wizard

p.s. I created  google+ page for Lazy Delphi Builder. Please, like and share. =)

Lazy Delphi Builder от 15.03.2014.

March 16th, 2014 No comments

Small update. Few bugs fixed.

15.03.2014. Lazy Delphi Builder
0. Fixed: autoguess Delphi version did not worked for XE5, XE6
1. Fixed: XE6 version name
2. Changed: reset build status should work for selected nodes
3. Fixed: if lazyDbp file is loaded via Recent, then it’s filename is not set for Open/Save dialogs
4. Changed: added more rules to Delphi version autoguess (did not worked for VirtualTreeview)
5. New: generate C++ Builder files (checkbox in Build dialog). NB: will not work if C++ Builder is not installed!

Download  on bitbucket.

As seen on!


27.02.2014. Lazy Delphi Builder Alpha

February 27th, 2014 Comments off

Download it here

Many changes. Huge parts of the core were rewritten. Experimental deprecated TasksEx that was used for running jobs in background was replaced with Awaitable class from Roman Yankovski.

If you’ll meet a bug, please let me know.

  1. New:
    1. dccaarm, dcciosarm, dccios32 can be used to build projects
    2. You can build only debug dcus now. Build settings dialog now have Build release dcus checkbox.
    3. Presets were added to scan file masks
    4. Added built-in “default” preset to allow reset modified settings to default values. Implemented for: output directories, file scan masks
    5. New page “Search Paths” was added to Build settings dialog
    6. Total build time is printed in the end of the build
    7. Files tree have new feature – Check Wizard (Ctrl+W). Check wizard allows to select/check files that are suited for currently selected version of Delphi.
    8. Menu -> File –> added new command “Merge profile” that allows to update current profile with data from another LazyDBP file.
    9. Base out dir is stored in LazyDBP file.
    10. Speed optimizations in file scan classification routines
    11. File tree for projects and packages:
      1. Added new column “build status” (?? – was not built, ok – built successfully, er – was not built due to error)
      2. Filter hides folders that don’t have any visible file
      3. New commands in popup menu:
        1. Reset build status (useful when you want to rebuild project in Continue Build mode)
        2. Copy build log to clipboard
        3. Find a project in Build Log
        4. Show guessed Delphi version for selected file in Info panel
  2. Fixes:
    1. IDE version was ignored loading LazyDBP file
    2. Build settings dialog: presets were not locked on test build mode
    3. Ignored Break after N errors value (Build settings)
    4. If profile had XE 3 Architect installation, but the machine didn’t have that Delphi version, then pressing Compile button the error was shown: Assertion failure (uLazyIdeProxy.pas, line 886) LazyInstaller.CurrentInstallation not assigned.
    5. Clear profile did not cleared Environment variables and Lazy Search paths
    6. Build settings dialog: namespaces editbox had incorrect Recent(MRU) list
    7. Build settings dialog: wizard background painting issue
  3. UI:
    1. Installation log was renamed to Build log
    2. Lock menu item Edit –> Find if current tab does not support search
    3. Save as dialog, Filename value is set from the loaded profile file name
    4. Build dialog: added edit for CustomCompiler (it was available from 28.04.2013. Lazy Delphi Builder version but only via editing LazyDBP file).
    5. Status bar now shows number of projects built with error.
    6. File tree: speed optimization for switching from List view mode to Tree view mode (about 46% faster)


Check Wizard (Ctrl+W). Allow to select/check files in file tree that are suited for selected Delphi version (experimental feature)

Check wizard (Ctrl+W)

Search paths in Build dialog

Search paths in Build dialog

Display number of projects compiled with error in Status bar

Display number of projects compiled with error in Status bar

New popup menu items in Files tree

New popup menu items in Files tree

Built-in “default” preset for File masks (use it to reset settings to default values)

Built-in “default” preset for File masks

Import (merge) data from another profile

Import (merge) data from another profile

Lazy Delphi Builder 15-sep-2013

September 15th, 2013 Comments off
  1. Feature: allow to select platform. Win32, Win64 and OSX are supported for now. Implemented as dcc32 replacement with dcc64/dccOSX. Other platforms can be used by specifying custom dcc32 in LazyDbp file(see #9 in release notes for version
    How to use dcc64 or dccOSX in Lazy Delphi Builder
  2. Feature: You can change the amount of problems, that might happen before Lazy Builder will decide to stop build (default 2)
    Build parameters dialog -> compiler options
  3. FIXED: Access Violation when press “Load preset” button without any preset selected (thanks for reporting it)
  4. FIXED: can’t use Unicode (non-ansi) characters in output paths. Details: OEM conversion for paths is applied only for versions prior to D2009.
  5. FIXED: Removing package from IDE in Delphi version prior to XE2 did not worked.
  6. FIXED: Packages tree: Program stops responding after Info panel is opened and erroneous package is selected
  7. FIXED (unsure): frozen Delphi version change after resources are copied
  8. Minor: fixed hints on frame “Scan settings”
  9. Minor: dcc32 was renamed to dccXX in all the hints and messages
  10. Added support for Delphi XE6 =)

You can download new version here: or here

p.s. comments are disabled here because of spam. Feel free to contact me in english via comments in my other blog

Lazy Delphi Builder 28-apr-2013

April 28th, 2013 No comments

What’s new (in a nutshell):

  • Delphi XE4 support. And just in case if it will be released in a next few months – I have added Delphi XE5 support
  • Presets. Create presets for output directories, build options, environment variables, and other..
  • LazyDBP and ini files format was changed. From now, lists will be saved as plain lists, without numbers as id. And, btw, all the settings from now are stored in the Data subdirectory. New profile format (v2) is not backward compatible with previous (v1), but you can still save file in previous format using Save as dialog.
  • Multiple expressions support in tree’s filter (via semicolon “;”)
  • Call any custom bat or exe file instead of dcc32.exe. (see item # 9 in changelog)
  • Added Delphi version autodetection algorythm from the filename (see. Check Wizard)
  • New editor for compiler defines.
  • Many improvements and fixes (see the full list in changelog).

You can download project: or here

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Lazy Delphi Builder 13-sep-2012.

September 14th, 2012 No comments

If you use Lazy Delphi Builder, please, let me know (contact me ). I’d like to know it. I really do.

Report bugs via Redmine issue tracker: or via e-mail or in Google Groups.

Get new version in downloads section or here.

What’s new:

  • GUI: Fixed "endless" List index out of bounds(-1) on 4th tab.
  • LazyDBP files will be saved in UTF8
  • Added GUI command to send me email with current Profile data, Log and Config
  • Console: /quiet mode
  • Delphi XE3 support (still untested)
  • Many minor fixes and improvements for both GUI and console versions


Only Win32 compiler is supported for Delphi XE2 and XE3. I didn’t figured out yet the best way of integration for dccOSX abd dcc64. Actually I’m not sure that it is needed. After all, you can always use MsBuild. If you wan’t to use Lazy Builder for MacOs or Win64, please let me know about your “use case”. As for packages installation it’s enough to support Win32 compiler.

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Lazy Delphi Builder 05-sep-2012. With Delphi XE3 support

September 9th, 2012 No comments

If you use Lazy Delphi Builder, please, let me know (contact me ). I’d love to hear about it. =)


Report bugs via Redmine issue tracker: or via e-mail.

Get nw version in downloads section or here.

What’s new:

  • Delphi XE3 support
  • Drag and drop. Drag folders with sources, projects e.t.c. to “Select files to compile” tree from explorer.
  • NameSpaces support. In previous versions, if you tryed to compile for Delphi XE2 you could get compiler error “Fatal: F1026 File not found: ‘Windows.dcu’". To fix that error it was supposed to specify “-NSSystem;System.Win;WinAPI;Vcl;Vcl.Imaging;Data” in dcc params edit box of Build Dialog. But now, there is new editor for NameSpaces.
  • Projects and packages are now compiled in separate thread
  • Fixed many bugs related to Tree.



Only Win32 compiler is supported for Delphi XE2 and XE3. I didn’t figured out yet the best way of integration for dccOSX abd dcc64. Actually I’m not sure that it is needed. After all, you can always use MsBuild. If you wan’t to use Lazy Builder for MacOs or Win64, please let me know about your “use case”. As for packages installation it’s enough to support Win32 compiler.

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Lazy Delphi Builder released. Bug fixes + improvements.

May 14th, 2012 No comments

Bugs can be reported via Redmine issue tracker:

Or via e-mail.

14.05.2012. Lazy Delphi Builder

Download in downloads section.

1. New: Always store lists of files in the same order in .LazyDbp file, to ease comparison of different .LazyDbp versions.
2. New: Hotkeys: Ctrl+Up and Ctrl+Down in Installation Log, to move between "Compiling …" messages.
3. New: Allow to stop file deletion on Build.
4. New: Added JCL Exception Dialog for easier error tracing.
5. New: Installed Packages Tab: Allow to remove or disable packages from Delphi.
6. Fix: Sometime profile can’t be compiled without reload.
7. Select files to compile dialog:
    1. New: Set focus to newly added folders.
    2. Fix: Few fixes in Substitute path dialog
8. Fix: Backup and delete files in separate thread. Show progress bar.
9. Fix: Feature #29024: Network paths support.
10. Fix: Bug #53575 ( Go to the "Environment Variables" window and select "Library paths". Right click -> Add new… and add 1 path. After that if you don’t click existing item and try to add another path the "List index out of bounds (-1)" is generated.
11. Fix: !Don’t run CnDebugViewer!
12. Many fixes and improvements in Installation Log.
13. Many minor GUI changes and improvements

If you use Lazy Delphi Builder, please, let me know (my contacts). I’d love to hear about it. =)


Some ideas for next release:

  • Drag’n’drop to files/packages tree
  • “Check wizard” in “Files to compile” tree to allow easier selection of for packages selected Delphi version.
  • Rename old backups instead of deleting them to Windows Recycle Bin
  • Compile packages/projects in separate thread.