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Lazy Delphi Builder released

April 6th, 2016 Comments off

06.04.2016. Lazy Delphi Builder
* fixed critical: range check error when adding new path to Lazy paths (thanks to Pavel Labutin for report)
* fixed: Lazy Paths editor: non-existing directories were not detected after item edit or add
* feature: Lazy Paths editor: added command  Replace selected with env var (auto) – shortens path by replacing it’s part with Lazy or IDE environment variable
* support: lazy ide paths editor: added popup menu command Edit (same as double click)
* support: Library paths editor: disable drag for Lazy Paths
* support: IDE paths editor: disable double click for IDE & Windows paths

Download here


Also released build 364 with updated JCL that contain several fixed on Delphi XE2+ compilation.  Did not tested, that’s why marked it as Alpha. Let me know if you’ll run into any trouble.

01.04.2016. Lazy Delphi Builder bug fix release

April 1st, 2016 Comments off

01.04.2016. Lazy Delphi Builder
* fixed: BUILTIN_PROFILE_DIR did not worked if Lazy profile was loaded as relative path
* fixed: relative paths (to current directory) might not work as expected if path was empty
* fixed: console version fail to return ERRORLEVEL if LDB failed to delete directory
* fixed: GUI: MRU profiles. Loaded profile was not moved to beginning of list.
* fixed: GUI: terribly slow packages Tree update after delete
* feature: new cmdParam /MaxProblemCountToStop number
* support: cmdParam alias /cod for /CleanOutDirs
* support: output BUILTIN_PROFILE_DIR env var name in /debug mode